In Less Than 2 Hours You'll Learn:

  • Human Design Basics

    Get an intro to details like your Aura Type, Profile, Strategy and Authority - which will show you how the world is meant to respond to YOUR energy.

  • Energy Alignment

    How to manage your energy (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) so you have the energy for the people and activities you love but are too tired for right now.

  • Mindset Empowerment

    How to connect to your inner truth and feel empowered to make decisions about boundaries, career, relationships and even day-to-day tasks like what you want to eat for dinner.

Meet Your Guide: Karyn Paige

Hey there, Beautiful Soul! I'm a Mindset Coach & Certified Informed Practioner of Human Design. My approach centers the experiences of Women of Color, using an intersectional lens with a focus on healing and empowerment.

When I'm not helping women connect to their highest potential, I'm collecting sewing patterns, watching RuPaul's Drag Race or walking my dog.
Karyn Paige Profile Image